Try to make the app yourself if:

You take the first steps in business and adhere to the principles of bootstrapping. The audience will forgive insignificant flaws to a novice entrepreneur, but they will kill a large enterprise because of them. Therefore, do not make the application yourself if you own a business of the Euroset scale.

Your customers need a program for smartphones and tablets with very simple functionality. For example, you can do without developers if you want to convert a website into an application.

You and your audience are satisfied with the template design of the application.

This point can be formulated as follows: if the content and functionality of the program are on top, few people will pay attention to the design.

A successful or unsuccessful launch of the application will not have an immediate and significant impact on the business. For example, if you attract and serve most of your customers offline, and you are developing an application for the future, there is space for experiments.

You already need the app yesterday. Here you will have to choose one of two options: pay developers for a ready-made sample code or use the constructor.

You don’t want to depend on developers. If you are afraid that the studio will charge you too much for the support and updates of the program, use ready-made solutions. Just remember that they also need to be kept up to date.

Have you decided to make the program yourself? Move on.