When can I create an app on my own

Do you remember what website visitors need? They come because of the content or functionality of the resource. People want to get information, buy something, view and comment on photos of friends, and so on. Mobile app users need the same thing. They are looking for information or making any transactions.

Do you remember when a business can make a website on its own?

That’s right, when there is no money for cooperation with professionals yet, but there is time and desire to deal with WordPress or “Jumla”. The same situation with applications. Self-created programs for iOS and Android can be conditionally compared with sites on “engines” with open source.

It’s about this: you can open an online store, a cool portal or a corporate website on 1C-Bitrix or on a self-written engine. The same problem can be solved with Drupal, Joomla! or OpenCart. It’s the same with apps: you can pay a lot of money to top developers, or you can meet the needs of the audience with the help of online designers.