Apps for App Development: How to make an app for iOS and Android yourself

Are you in doubt whether it is worth investing in the development of a mobile application? You can do it yourself and absolutely for free. You may get a test version with which it is convenient to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile strategy. And if you try, you will make a decent mobile application that will become the main tool for online interaction with owners of smartphones and tablets.

Just keep in mind that even the coolest mobile app can’t be the only promotion tool. The maximum result in traffic and sales is provided only by comprehensive Internet marketing.

Table of contents:

Is it worth making your own mobile app

When can I create an app on my own

Creating an application with your own hands: what you need to know

What is a mobile app?

How to determine the necessary functionality of the application

Overview of services and applications for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS


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Is it worth making your own mobile app

Is worth. If you don’t take my word for it, here are a few facts:

According to Flurry Analytics and comScore, owners of smartphones and tablets use the browser only 14% of the total time working with the device. And they spend 86% of their time on different applications.

The installed application is your direct communication channel with the consumer. Just think: you don’t need to spend money on advertising or wait for a person to find you using Yandex. It remains to maintain the functionality the user needs and provide him with relevant content.

The number of purchases made using tablets and smartphones is growing both on the Internet as a whole and in Runet. According to GWI and Hootsuite, every second user makes a purchase via a mobile device at least once a month.

Percentage of women and men in each age group who made a purchase from a mobile phone during the last month

Percentage of women and men in each age group who made a purchase from a mobile phone during the last month


If you want, the application is a mobile browser in which only your website opens. In which case would the user install such an Internet browser? Only if he is interested in your product or information. Therefore, remember: the client who installed the application is a loyal and ready to buy representative of the target audience.


In this case, is it worth taking the risk and offering DIY applications to loyal customers, rather than professional-made piece programs for Android and iOS? Let’s figure it out.