Month: October 2022


Overview of services and applications for creating mobile applications for Android and iOS

With the help of mobile designers, you can develop applications with different functionality. You can choose a universal service or a designer sharpened to create applications of a certain type. Do you want a universal option? Then the Mobincube constructor will suit you.


With Mobincube, you can create an application for free – but it will have limited functionality and a limit on the number of users. The minimum cost of the paid tariff is 4.99 euros per month. At the same time, ASO support is added (it’s like SEO, but for stores), you can remove the watermark of the service. […]

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Creating an application with your own hands: what you need to know

We’ll have to start with theory. You need to understand the anatomy of mobile applications at a basic level, as well as plan the basic functionality of the program.

What is a mobile app?

A mobile application is a program that runs on tablet PCs and smartphones. With the help of programs, the owner of the device solves practical tasks: connects to the Internet, publishes photos in social networks, edits text or images, destroys virtual orcs, listens to music.

The application consists of a front- and back-end. Front-end are the components of the program that the client interacts with. The back-end, or server […]

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